Dosha Theory

It is through the balance of these three Doshas, namely Vatha, Pitha and Kapha, that the mental and physical wellbeing of each individual in determined.

Tress Destress

It isn't referred to as a “crowning glory” for nothing, the fact is that good hair is a blessing and where natural endowment falls short of the mark, stress and distress begin.

Heal your Home

As Pliny the Elder famously said “Home is where the heart is” and indeed, for most of us, home is our sanctuary; the place we come to for shelter, security, peace of mind, rest, acceptance and the place that more often than not, contains the people we love the most.

Wellbeing with a Cause

Our goal is wellbeing on every level; from the ingredients we use, to the methods in which we source our products, we are proudly and transparently dedicated to working in beneficial and sustainable ways that ensure we 'give back' to the communities in which we operate, and to the amazing island we call home.

Be Radiant

Feel like your skin is suffering under the harsh effects of sunlight, dust and pollution? Want to regain a luminous and even tone? Then choose WHITE - our newest range of products that help boost your skins natural renewal process, revealing lighter, brighter and radiant skin.
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